Congratulations to Somaliland National Army on the day of its establishment on 2 February 1994

In 1991, after Somaliland reasserted its sovereignty, the new government faced great problems with armed groups and armed clans, who were boycotting roads to earn a living.[12][13]

The new government launched the Somaliland peace process jointly with the Somali National Movement. The communities in Somaliland negotiated what led to the Great Reconciliation Conference in Borama in 1993 which allowed the transfer of power from the Somali National Movement.[14] An interim government for a new civil administration, paving the way for democratic governance and stability.[14]

After a civilian government led by Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal disarmed armed clans and armed groups and recruited armed forces from all over Somaliland.

Now the Somaliland National Army is an accomplished multi-branch and high-quality force.

The National Army of Somaliland is an army of honour from the people of Somaliland.

They are heroes who defend their nation and the country, they are based on good morals, high discipline and character.