The Way To Salvation

Allah(S.W.T.) said in a Hadith Qudsi : “O son of Adam! if you observe contentment, you will need nobody. If you abandon jealousy, you will find comfort. If you refrain from the Haram (Unlawful), you will attain Ikhlas (sincerity). If you abandon backbiting, you will attain my love. Those who detach themselves from people will be safe from their harms. Those who speak little will attain perfection in thinking. Those who are content with little will have put their trust in Allah(S.W.T.).

O Son of Adam ! While you are not acting upon what you know, why are you still acquiring knowledge? O son of Adam you are working for this world as if you would never die and accumulating wealth as if you would live forever in this world!

O dunya! Deprive he who is attached to you and turn to the who turns away from you. And show yourself sweet to those who gaze at you!”

(Al-Mawaiz Fil-Ahadith Al-Qudsiyyah, Imam Ghazzali)