Abdullah inb Masood (R.A.) reported:“Rasululah (S.A.W) said:  “Our Rabb is pleased with two people. The one who goes to Masjid to pray Salah leaving his beloved ones and his warm bed. Allah (S.W.T.) says about such a person: “O my angels! Look at that servant of mine, he is going (to the masjid) to pray Salah hoping  to attain my promise (Jannah, reward and my pleasure) and safety my warning (Jahannam ,torment and my wrath)by leaving his warm and cosy bed while he is with beloved ones.”

And the one who continues to fight until he dies or gets killed when he and his friends have lost the battle since he knows the consequences (sins) of fleeing from the battlefield, as he aware of his religious duty and the reward he will get on continuing to fight. About such a person Allah (S.W.T.) says to His angels: “O my angels look at that servant of mine, he is keeping on fighting until he is killed to attain the things I promised and to safeguard himself from the things I have warned against.”

Together with this we pray Allah (swt) to give mercy and blessings on all humans and make this world a happy and peaceful place.

Jazaak’Allahu Khayran. n